Premium quality handcraft products

Developing the best product, protecting the environment, creating jobs and trainings, inspiring work and implementing solutions creating step by step a better world!

We care about quality and good fresh designs. Other brands focus on low costs and produce in Asia, while we dare to go one step further in order to offer our clients something that isn´t just comfortable but also manufactured, high quality, elegant, trendy and fashionable.

Leaf espadrilles

We are always looking for ways to be innovative and look for the best fabrics all over the world, curated by our product stylists.

Our products are made with sustainable and recycled materials and we are working to expand these offerings, helping the environment not only by NOT creating any more waste, but also by reusing and recycling discarded materials. Where others see garbage, we see the perfect material for our products and avoid massive environmental harm.

Another main difference is, that we improved the technology of the sole making it thicker, more comfortable, spongy and anti slippery. We also care about health and that's one of the reasons why we decided to increase the height of the sole, in order to avoid the back problems all other hard soled flats induce.

We chose to work with small factories helping local artisans, creating decent jobs, specializing and training workers with new technologies, encouraging their creativity and promoting sustained economic growth.

The decision to keep production in small manufacturing companies is hard, but we want each LEAF® to be unique, made with love, carefully assembled - paying attention to every detail in order to offer our customers the perfect pair.

Over the time, as we grow as a company, more factories will be created in other developing nations. Our company would be creating additional employment and long-term relationships through foreign direct investment. LEAF® is raising awareness about poverty within these nations as well as helping these people become economically independent in the long-term.

By now, our products are made in Argentina, honouring the Argentine roots.

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